Have you ever downloaded an image only to find out later that you already had it? Or have you ever wanted to find all of the photos from your vacation that include your dad in his lime green Hawaiian shirt? Image Snooper can help.

Using fast and simple comparison algorithms, Image Snooper can easily find all images in a folder (and its subfolders) that resemble the search image. It can also quickly gather images that contain a certain color—useful for finding images of a certain brand logo or that compliment a color theme.

The search image and search folder are easily set by simply dragging & dropping a file or folder to Image Snooper's icon, so you can spend less time digging through the Open dialog. You can also save commonly used search folders as favorites.

Key features:

•Fast image comparison.

•Adjustable comparison approximation.

•Compares images rotated at 90°, 180°, and 270°.

•Attempts to find partial matches.

•Contextual menu for opening, revealing, and trashing files.

•Sort results by name or match score.

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If you love to collect images or movies, but hate to organize them, Image Chest might be the answer. Tagging images with keywords is the key to good organization, and Image Chest makes that task easy and quick using the Set Keywords dialog. Adding new ones or assigning existing keywords is as simple as typing and hitting return.

After you’ve built up a nice set of keywords for a catalog, assign them to new images can be even faster by assigning key equivalents to your keywords. “Summer” could be control-s. “Halloween” could be F10. “Pumpkin” could be shift-F10. As long as the key equivalent is not already used by Image Chest of the OS, you can assign it to a keyword.

Image Chest also offers multiple view modes and sorting options, so you can concentrate on finding the right file. Powerful searches are also handled with ease, from simple file name searches to complex boolean expressions involving names, dates, sizes, types, keywords, notes, and whether or not a file is missing. And those complex search patterns can be saved in each document so you don’t waste time building them each time.

Files can also be moved, copied, aliased, renamed, trashed, and QuickLooked right from within Image Chest, so you can spend your time using one application instead of many.

Key features:

•Unlimited undo/redo.

•Autosave to ensure data integrity.

•Fast! Even monstrous catalogs with tens of thousands of images perform like lightning.

•Add assets individually, by adding an entire folder, or by drag & drop.

•Asset information is stored in the catalog for offline searching.

•Update asset info by re–adding them to the catalog.


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If you read digital versions of comic books, this is the app for you. It’s a pleasure to use and offers many ways to customize your viewing experience.

Key features:

•Compatible with cbr, cbz, and pdf files.

•Advanced Comic Book Format compatible to provide translations, frames, and text–to–speech.

•Customizable viewing for landscape and portrait modes.

•Fun reading surfaces let you pretend you're reading on the floor or secretly in your notebook at school.

•Choose from 4 different app icons to match your favorite genre.

•Import files from any app that offers file sharing, or add them in iTunes' File Sharing.

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